Countdown to Disney World 2018: Merch Wishlist

Hello, Disney Friends! I seriously have no idea where the time has gone because in about two months, I will going back to my happy place! It’s been way too long since my last trip, and there are so many new things to see and do! I’m so excited, as you can probably tell! Today, I am going to be making a merchandise wishlist of the things I know I want to buy while I down in Disney!

Happily Ever After Princess Mug: I don’t think it surprised you that I started off with a mug. If I just bought one thing while I was there, just having a mug would make me happy. I have been eyeing this mug since last year, so I hope it is there when I go! This mug is so pretty! It has the princess castles all around the mug.

Rose Gold Ears: You have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of these rose gold ears that everyone is obsessed with at the moment. I’m not expecting that I will go home with a pair of these since they are go out of stock really quickly, but it would nice if I could get a pair.

Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney Shirt: I’ve seen a few people with this shirt, and I think it’s so cute! It has Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disneyland on it, so of course, I want it.

Marie Tsum Tsum: Last year, I started collecting Tsum Tsums, so I think it would be fun to add this to my collection. I think this Tsum Tsum is so cute!

I’m not sure what else I want at the moment. I might get a phone case, but so far, this all I know I want to buy at the moment. I’m sure I will see other things I want during my vacation, but I thought this would be a fun post!

Have a magical day!



Important Things Happening for Disney-2018

Happy New Year! This post seems like it is becoming an annual post every year for my blog. This is my third year doing this post, and I like to talk about the movies and things coming to the Parks in the year. 2017 didn’t have many Disney movies I was excited for, so I’m hoping 2018 will be a better year of movies.


Black Panther (February 26): I’m not going to lie. Marvel movies usually bore me. I just don’t do Marvel movies. I can’t think of many Marvel movies I have actually seen because the number is so small.

A Wrinkle in Time(March 9): I saw the trailer, and honestly, this movie just doesn’t appeal to me.

• Avengers: Infinity War(May 4): Once again, I don’t do Marvel movies, so of course, I’m not excited for this.

Solo: A Star Wars Story(May 25): I don’t know much about this film, but I love Han Solo, so I think I will enjoy this film!

Incredibles 2(June 15): Incredibles is one of my favorite Pixar movies. I have been waiting for this movie for a long time now, and it’s finally coming to theaters in a few months!

Ant-Man and the Wasp(July 6): Another Marvel movie… You know my thoughts.

Christopher Robin(August 3): I really hope that they don’t put a live-action Winnie the Pooh in this because I think it would be the closet Disney could actually get to a horror movie.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms(November 2): This movie actually looks kind of good, so I think I will be looking forward to it.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2(November 21): I enjoyed the first one, so I will definitely be looking forward to the sequel.

• Mary Poppins Returns(December 25): At first, I thought that it was going to be remake of Mary Poppins, and I had mixed feelings. Now, since I know it won’t be a remake, I think I will enjoy it!

Disney Parks:

Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios (Summer): I will sadly be missing this by a couple months since I’m going to Disney World in March, and this land is opening in the summer. I think this land will be really cool, and maybe I will have another chance to visit the Parks sometime this year, so I may get to see it!

Pixar Pier in California Adventure (Summer): All I know about this land is that the current Paradise Pier in California Adventure is becoming Pixar Pier. I really enjoyed Paradise Pier when I visited Disneyland a few years ago, so I’m kind of disappointed its going away.

There are a few movies coming to theaters this year that I’m looking forward to, but there really isn’t much coming to the Parks.

What are your thoughts on everything new coming to the Walt Disney Company this year?

Disney Quotes for Finals Week

Finals are coming up fast, and a lot of high school and college students are starting to stress. Many nights are spent studying and preparing for the upcoming finals, and then, it comes time to take the long, stressful, difficult finals. If you are like me and stressing over your upcoming finals, here are some inspiring Disney quotes for surviving finals week.

• “I know every mile will be worth my while.” Hercules

Finals week seems like it drags on forever, but if you remind yourself that it will be worth it in the end, you will have a lot more motivation.

• “If I go, there’s just no telling how far I’ll go.” -Moana

I love this quote because it reminds you if you try something that is difficult or maybe a little out of your comfort zone, you never know how far you could go. Finals are an example of this. Yes, they are difficult, but obviously, doing good on finals is just one less step away from achieving your dreams.

• “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”-Christopher Robin(Winnie the Pooh)

If you keep telling yourself you are not smart enough, it will definitely increase your stress of taking your finals. Like Christopher Robin said, you ARE smarter than you think.

• “It’ll turn out all right in the end. You’ll see.”-Mrs. Potts(Beauty and the Beast)

I always stress about stuff that usually turns out okay in the end, and finals is something that always turn out okay.

• “The difference in winning and losing is most often often quitting.”- Walt Disney

I don’t think there’s a better quote to end this post than from Walt Disney himself. Getting a good grade on your finals or any test for that matter is so rewarding. If you don’t put that much effort into studying, then, it is basically like you are quitting.

Whether you have finals this week or next week, I wish you good luck!

Disney World Weekend Trip-November 2016

I really have no idea why I’m now just writing this post because this trip was a little more than a year ago. My next Disney trip is about three months away, and I haven’t even written about my last trip. I’m going to try my best to remember what we did during this vacation, but I’m excited to write about it.

Day 1: Friday, November 11, 2016- Arrival

The day started out with me going to my morning classes, and then, going home for a bit to pick up my luggage. Then, my dad dropped my mom and me my off at the airport. I don’t remember the exact time our flight was, but we got some lunch at the airport and headed through security. The flight was good, and finally, we were in Disney. This was my first time staying on Disney property, so I was really excited. We got on the Magical Express, and it took awhile for us to get there since we were the last resort being dropped out.

We got to Caribbean Resort, checked in, and by the time we got to our room, I think it was 6 or 7ish. Next, we headed to the food court, Old Port Royale Menu. After dinner, we looked around the resort gift shop and headed back to the room. The luggage didn’t get dropped off at our room until 10, but it was a relaxing night, overall.

Day 2: Saturday, November 12, 2016- Magic Kingdom

We slept until 8ish or 9ish, and it took awhile for us to wait for a bus to Magic Kingdom. Right when got to the Magic Kingdom, we headed to get some Starbucks and then we went to enjoy it at an outside seating where we could see the castle. We had a FastPass for Peter Pan’s Flight, so right after breakfast, we headed to Fantasyland. I think we did Mickey’s PhilharMagic afterwards.

Next, it was time for our lunch reservation at Be Our Guest. The food was amazing, as always. After dining in the master’s castle, we met Gaston. I had never met him before, so of course, I was really excited.

Then, we got some LeFou’s Brew and headed to Frontierland for our Splash Mountain FastPass. After that, I’m pretty sure we headed to Monsters Inc Floor, followed by Pirates, which took a long time. Next, we headed back to Fantasyland for our last FastPass of the day, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We rode Buzz Lightyear, followed by the People Mover(I feel like I might be missing an attraction somewhere throughout the day, but that’s what I can remember). After charging our phones for a bit in the Space Mountain gift shop, we headed to Columbia Habour House for a late dinner.

We are in the very front.

The last thing we did that day was watch Wishes(The last Wishes we ever saw). If I had known it was going to my last Wishes, I think I would have gotten very emotional.

We didn’t get in many rides this day because it was surprisingly extra busy, but this day was fun!

Day 3: Sunday, November 13, 2016: Relaxing and Disney Springs

Today was just spent relaxing. We slept in, got some breakfast at the food court, and then, we went to relax in the hammocks for a little at the resort. Then, we ate a late lunch at the food court, and next, we went to relax at the pool. It was a nice pool and had a fun water slide. Later, we went to go get ready to head to Disney Spring for the evening. We ate at Earl of Sandwich and then, looked around the stores.

Day 4: Monday, November 14: Traveling Back Home

We once again had breakfast at the food court, did a bit of shopping at the resort, and then, had to get on the (Not-So) Magical Express.

Overall, I had a fun weekend trip to Disney World! If you want to see what I thought of Disney property, I have two posts about it! Click here for part one, and click here for part two. If you want to see my mini Disney haul from the trip, click here. I hope you enjoyed my trip report!

Types of Park-Goers

Hello, Disney Friends! I did a similar post to this post a couple years ago, which you can read here. Looking back at it, it wasn’t that creative, and the types of people were kind of similar. I thought I would do a new version, so here are some of the types of park goers at Disney!

• The Healthy Freak: I don’t know about you, but I go to Disney knowing that I am not going to eat that well, but the good thing is that you walk a lot in Disney. However, there are certain people who just continue with their healthy lifestyles. It’s okay. I know you want that burger with fries and a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar. I really don’t understand why certain people eat healthy while at Disney. I totally understand picking a fruit over fries to be a little healthy, but I definitely don’t understand eating healthy every single meal and skipping dessert.

• The Instagrammer: This person only take photos for social media. They are constantly on the lookout for the perfect picture and are always ready to strike a pose. They also want to make their friends and family back home jealous.

• The Runner: This person never stops moving. They are always heading to the next ride, show, or character meet-and-greet. They never get to enjoy their surroundings because they are always in a hurry,

The Slow Poke: This person doesn’t really care about attractions that much. All they want to do is soak in the moment and enjoy their surroundings.

The Overpacker: I can definitely overpack, but I don’t find the Parks to be a place you need to pack everything. This person is always prepared for every situation.

The Foodie: This person is all about the food. They know where to get the best food and when is the best time of day to get food to avoid large crowds. They are constantly thinking about the Disney food, and they snack all day.

The Annual Passholder or Local: This person knows everything about the Parks like it is the back of their hand. They know when the best time of day is to hit each attraction, they know where all the bathrooms are, etc. They are practically experts.

The Spender: Whether it is a kid or an adult, this person really loves to spend money on everything they see. They don’t think about what they really need or what they will use a lot. They just buy it.

Which park goer are you most like? Let me know in the comments! If you haven’t yet, you should follow my Disney Instagram account (@pixiedusteddisneyfreak) or like my Facebook page called The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak.

Have a magical day!


Countdown to Disney World 2018: Dining Reservations 

Hello, Disney Friends! We reached the 180 day mark awhile ago, but of course, I have to write about the dining reservations we made for our vacation that is happening in exactly 117 days! This post is not going to be that long since we do not have many dining reservations, but let’s begin!

Tusker House(Breakfast): We have never eaten here before, and I am so excited! The food here looks amazing, plus you get to meet Donald and friends! What’s better than that? We also get an advantage because we get to go in the park a little early since our reservation is before the park opens.

This photo was taken by me.

• Be Our Guest (Lunch): Surprisingly, it was not that hard to find a reservation for this restaurant this time! I can’t wait to eat here again, especially since I can get some Instagram worthy photos.

This photo was taken by me. 

Via Napoli (Lunch):We have not eaten here before but am excited to try the food! We got to peek inside the restaurant a couple trips ago, and it looked so cool! 

Ohana(Dinner): I am obsessed with this restaurant, and I miss its food so much, especially the amazing bread pudding they have there!

Disney Food Blog 

Right now, I am on the lookout for a reservation for Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, but I am not sure if I will be able to get it since I have heard it can be really difficult to find a reservation. I hope I will be able to find one because the food looks good, and I love the theme of the restaurant!

Have a magical day!


Exploring Disney’s Hilton Head Resort 

Hello, Disney Friends! I know it has been a little while, but life has been busy! About a month ago, while I was on vacation in Hilton Head Island, I got to visit Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort for a little bit! I don’t think I have seen many posts about this resort, so I thought I would do a post about it. Before I begin, I would like to note that all the photos in this post were taken by me.

Disney’s Hilton Head Resort’s theme is actually kind of unique. It is fashioned after a hunting and fishing lodge from the 1940’s.  It is part of the Disney Vacation Club, but you don’t need to be a member of it to stay here. From the pictures I saw online, the rooms at this resort look really nice!

This resort has its very own beach house, which is called Disney’s Beach House, not too far away from the resort, and you take a shuttle to get to it. There is a heated pool at the beach house. I didn’t get to go to beach house, but it looks really fun from the pictures I saw online!

Back at the resort, there are two other pools. Throughout the day, there are many different activities for all ages. Around the resort, there are hammocks that you can relax in. Certain nights, I also heard that there are fireworks during the evening.

Disney Hilton Head Resort even has its own little merchandise store near the place you can get food. There is a good selection of Disney merchandise at the store. I saw an Ariel mug I liked while looking at all the Disney merchandise and decided to get it because why not?

Near the store, there is a little quick service restaurant that serves breakfast until a certain time and lunch until 5 p.m. I saw on the menu that they have soft-serve pineapple ice cream, which is basically Dole Whip. I saw some people with those refillable mugs that you can get at the Disney resorts at the Parks, so I thought that was cool.

Even though it is is not merchandise, you can buy Mickey Mouse ice cream bars or Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwiches at the merchandise store. Of course, I had to get a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar while I was there. I think it is really awesome you can get some Disney treats from the Parks at this resort!

Overall, it was really fun to look around Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, and it gave me a little bit of the Disney magic before my next trip to the Parks. I think it would be fun to stay here someday!

Have you ever been to Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort?

Have a magical day!


Countdown to Disney World 2018: New Things I Want to Do 

I think I have mentioned it once or twice, but it’s time for me to make an official announcement… I am going back to Walt Disney World in 171 days! Our last couple of trips have been a little shorter than usual, so this time, we are staying an entire week! We are going during my spring break, and the crowds are not supposed to be that bad when we are there. Since we already  booked our dining reservations, there really is not much to plan at the moment, so I thought why not do a little countdown series? To start off the series, this post is going to be about some of the things I have never done that I want to experience during my next trip!

 Watch Happily Ever After. I’m still very upset that they took away my favorite firework show ever(aka Wishes), but I’m kind of looking forward to Happily Ever After! I bought the song on iTunes, and I have to say that it’s kind of catchy!

Ride Frozen Ever After. I know this may sound weird coming from me since I have a love-hate relationship with Frozen, but I’m actually so excited for this ride! Fingers-crossed I can find a FastPass, but I can’t get my hopes up since we aren’t staying on property.

Watch Once Upon a Time. Again, I’m still upset that they took away the old projection show, Celebrate the Magic, but I looking forward to the new projection show! I did not get to see Once Upon a Time during my weekend trip in November, so I hope to have a chance to see it.

Explore Avatar Land. I’m most excited to ride Flight of Passage, so I really hope I get a chance to ride it. It would also be nice to ride Na’vi River Journey, but Flight of Passage is definitely my top priority.

• Ride Soarin’ Around the World: I just can’t wait to ride this! I loved the old Soarin’, but this one seems better from what I have heard.

Get a picture by the “Disney walls.” I mean it is a common Disney Parks photo, so I just have to. The purple wall is the one I want to get a photo by the most.

Try a dessert at Sprinkles. If you did not know, Sprinkles is a bakery in Disney Springs. During my trip in June last year, I went in Sprinkles but didn’t get anything. Everything looked really good!

Ride Expedition Everest and Dinosaur. You may not believe this, but I have not been to Animal Kingdom since 2010! Back then, I wasn’t really into thrill rides, so I really was not interested in riding Expedition Everest or Dinosaur. For the past couple of years, I have been dying to ride those two rides, and I’m so glad I will get a chance to in March.

Eat at a new restaurant at Disney Springs. There are a lot of new restaurants in Disney Springs, so I really want to try something new. I have heard Blaze Pizza is really good, but I’m open to try anything new.

Have a magical day!


Meeting a Famous YouTuber: My Aunt Met TheTimTracker! 

Hello, Disney Lovers! My aunt and her family just got back from a vacation at the most magical place on earth! While they were down there, they actually got to meet a well-known YouTuber, TheTimTracker!  If you didn’t know, Tim and his wife feature major Orlando attractions and restaurants from Walt Disney World, Universal, and other theme/amusement parks on their channel! They give honest feedback while still making their videos enjoyable. You can check out their YouTube channel here if you interested. 

The night before my aunt and her family’s last day in Disney, my cousin was disappointed they had not gotten a chance to meet TheTimTracker. The next day, he got what he wanted! They saw Tim (he wasn’t with his wife, though) walking around Hollywood Studios! They got to take a picture with him and talk to him for a little while. It was a great way to end their Disney vacation! They were so happy and a little shocked that they got to meet one of their favorite Disney YouTubers! 

Have you ever met a well-known YouTuber or a celebrity at the Disney Parks? 

Have a magical evening!


My (Late) First Impressions: Pandora, the World of Avatar 

In the past three and half months since Pandora, the World of Avatar, has been open, I have tried to stay away from as many spoilers as I can since I want to be able to fully enjoy the land during my vacation in March. I want to give my pre-thoughts before visiting the land, and then, once I actually see and experience it in person, I will give a review on it! I think this post would have been more appropriate when the land first opened, but I’m gong to be doing my first impressions, anyway.

The Attractions:

There are two attractions in this Avatar themed land, Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey. I have heard that Flight of Passage is kind of like Soarin’, except it is a better version, but I’m not sure if I will think that. I’m guessing Flight of Passage has better technology than Soarin’. I am have heard that Na’vi River Journey is a short boat ride, but it sounds pretty cool. I am looking forward to both rides, even though that I don’t know much about them. I think they sound amazing!

The Floating Mountains:

I mean it looks cool, but I definitely don’t think it is the coolest thing in the world. I am not sure what to think about it.

Day vs Night:

Though I have been doing a good job on avoiding most spoilers, I saw a video where it showed what Pandora looked like during both the day and the night. I have to say that Pandora looks way more amazing and breathtaking at night!


There are two dining options at Pandora, Satu’li Canteen, a fast-casual restaurant, and Pongu Pongu, a drink kiosk(I mean I don’t think Pongu Pongu is technically dining, but I’m just going to call it that). Satu’li Canteen’s menu has nothing on it that stands out to me. However, at Pongu Pongu, Night Blossom, a non-alcoholic neon drink, looks really cool, and I think I will have to give it a try!

More Thoughts:

This post is coming from the person who isn’t into Avatar. I have never seen it, and I don’t ever plan to. Despite that, Pandora seems amazing, and I can’t wait to check it out during my next trip!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and you should definitely plan on seeing  a post over my opinions about the World of Avatar after my trip in March! Let me know some of your opinions in the comment section below! I would appreciate if you didn’t give away big spoilers, but I would still like to read some of your opinions on Pandora!