What I have been watching on Netflix

Since we are in quarantine, people have had a lot of extra time on their hands. Some people might choose to organize their closet and plant flowers, while others might choose to spend an increased time on Netflix. Even though I have been working on my school work, I also have been watching a good amount of Netflix. I have started a lot of shows during quarantine, and here they are..


This show is loosely based on Mary, Queen of Scots. While it is more fiction than fact, I really enjoyed this show. There are only four seasons, so it did not take me too long to get through. At times, I was bored, but most of the time, it kept me entertained.

Reign - Plugged In

Tiger King

Tiger King is one of the weirdest shows that I have ever see but strangely addictive. It is documentary/true crime, and the one word that I would use to describe it is crazy. The people in this show have tigers, but that is not the main reason why this show is insane.

Tiger King reviews: Netflix series is 'absurd', 'addictive' and ...

The Originals

I have been watching this on and off during quarantine. Since it is a Vampire Diaries spinoff, and I am obsessed with The Vampire Diaries, I gave this show a try. I am on season three out five. I have heard that some people actually prefer this over Vampire Diaries, but even though that it is not the case with me, it is still a pretty good show.


Once again, since I love Vampire Diaries, I gave this show a try. Yes, I know Supernatural was created before Vampire Diaries, but since both shows deal with supernatural things, I thought that I might enjoy this show. I got through half of season one quickly, but then, I got kind of bored, so I stopped watching it. Supernatural has fourteen seasons, and I am not sure if I have that level of commitment to a show. I might give it a try another time but not now.


I tried to watch this show because it has Ian Somerhalder(who plays Damon from TVD) in it. Can you see a pattern here? Me picking shows because of it somehow relating to Vampire Diaries? Anyway, this show is also about vampires, but it is more like a disease. A person gets infected with it, and then, they become a vampire. I watched two or three episodes, and I wasn’t really a fan. Kinda too creepy for my liking.

Love is Blind

This is a reality TV show about people who ¨date¨ without seeing each other, only hearing their voice, and then they decide who they are going to marry without seeing the person’s face after a week or less of knowing each. Sounds kind of stupid, right? I only got through four episodes. It was so staged, and I think that is one of the reasons why I am not crazy about most reality TV shows. I will admit that I loved Cameron and Lauren. They are adorable, and I have heard that they are still together and so happy. Most people on this show were extremely annoying, and like I said before, I feel like a good amount of it was staged.

Which Love is Blind couples are still together? | Cosmopolitan ...

New Girl

New Girl is a comedy, and I am halfway through season four out of seven. I don´t know how I got through it so quickly, but that is what happened when you have a lot of free time on your hands.

Gossip Girl

I watched one episode right before quarantine, and I didn’t get that into it. Then, the other night, I decided to give the show another chance, and it is really good.

Gossip Girl” Drama Centers on Cornwall – NBC Connecticut

Casting JonBenet

Alright, so, this isn’t a show, but I am including it on my list. It is a Netflix original documentary movie about the JonBenet Ramsey case. I had mixed feeling about it, but it was the most unique documentary that I have ever seen, and I definitely recommend it if you are into murder documentaries/ the JonBenet case.
Watch the Creepy Trailer for Casting JonBenét

If you have seen any of these shows, let me know what you think about them in the comments!


New Disney movies I watched in 2019 and my thoughts

Since I was not active much on my blog last year, I never got to review any new Disney movies from 2019. While I did not see all of them, I saw a good amount, so I thought that I would take some time to give brief reviews on the movies.


While I know some people would not consider Marvel technically Disney, I am just going to count it because Disney owns Marvel. I am usually not too crazy about movies that are three hours long because that is a long time, but this movie was fantastic besides the fact that Tony Stark/Iron Man sacrificed himself in the end. The ending was bittersweet because Captain America decided to go back in time and spend his life with Peggy. If you watched Captain America, you would know that he was in World War II, and he met Peggy and fell in love. Long story short, Steve Rogers(Captain America) ends up getting frozen for seventy years, and he obviously missed his life with her. That is why at the end of the movie, he decides to go back in time. Then, almost as soon as he left, he appears in modern day as an old man, having spend his life with the love of his life. After that, he gives his shield to Falcon, officially retiring from being an Avenger. It was a great movie besides the fact that Black Widow and Iron Man died.


In my opinion, Disney does a great job on doing live-action remakes. Everything about this movie was amazing, the soundtrack, the actors/actresses, the props. Not to mention Will Smith is in it, and he is one of my favorite actors. It stayed on point to the animation version with some little twists.

Toy Story 4

*sighs* I didn´t like Toy Story 3. It would be be a good movie if we did not already have Toy Story and the sequel. As someone who grew up watching the original Toy Stories, I did not like Toy Story 3 because I think Andy should have kept his toys for his future kids instead of giving them to Bonnie and then show a flashforward of Andy´s kids playing with his toys and Andy, as an adult, watching. That is how I think Toy Story 3 should have ended, and they should have stopped there, or maybe even stopped with Toy Story 2 if I am being honest. Anyway, they did not need a Toy Story 4. It was a cute movie, but it was not that good. It was unnecessary.

Spider-Man: Far from Home

Was the main reason I saw this movie because I think Tom Holland is cute? Yes, but did I end up loving it? Yes. I honestly think that the sequel of Spider-Man was even better than the first one. It was amazing, and I can´t stress that enough. Personally, I found the first movie kind of boring, but I loved the sequel. While Zendaya, who plays Mary Jane, was in the first one, she played a much bigger part in the sequel. Zendaya is, by far, one of my favorite actresses, and I love Tom Holland. It was not just them that made the movie so great. I loved everything about this movie.

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Lion King

Disney did a good job on this movie, but I didn’t like it that much. It was okay, but it was a little weird to do a live-action on just animals. I would not watch it again. In my opinion, Disney should just stick with people for their live-action remakes.

Star Wars 9: Return of the Skywalker

I have seen mixed reviews about this movie, but personally, I enjoyed it. While I will always prefer the original trilogy, I loved this trilogy. I think they did a great job, and this movie was a good end to the third trilogy. It was a shock that Palpatine came back from the dead and that he was Rey’s grandfather. It was also probably the most creepy Star Wars movie, but since Anakin became Darth Vader because of Palpatine, I think it was creative to bring him back for the final movie since he was the one who started it all. It was very unique, and like nothing I had ever seen before. Kylo Ren finally came back to the light side. Rey and him ends up working together to defeat Palpatine, and then Kylo Ren ends up sacrificing himself to save Rey. They even kissed before he died, and I always knew there was something between them. I know some people thought it was weird, but I will be honest. I have been a Reylo shipper for years, and I was waiting for something like that to happen, so that made me happy.

What are your thoughts about these movies? Let me know in the comment section!

Update: I realized that I forgot about Frozen 2! It was a cute movie, but it really did not add much to the overall plot.

High School Musical the Musical the Series Review

High School Musical: The Musical - The Series (TV Series 2019 ...

Disney+ has been around for a few months now, and not only do they have countless movies and Disney Channel TV shows, they also have some of their own original movies and TV shows. As someone who loves the High School trilogy, I decided to give High School Musical: the Musical: the Series a try earlier this year. There are ten episodes total, and I have no idea how I watched all of it… Let’s get into my thoughts, but first, here’s a little summary of what it is about, even though you can probably guess from the title…


Basically, High School Musical: the Musical: the Series is about the high school where High School Musical was filmed putting on a production of High School Musical. Shocker, right? I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just called the TV show High School Musical: the Series, but oh, well… Got to be extra, of course. Anyway, the show focuses mainly on Nina, Ricky, EJ, and Gina. In the first episode, we learn that Ricky and Nina broke up over the summer because Nina told Ricky she loved him on their one year anniversary, and as typical teenage boy, the dude had commitment issues. He wanted to take a break from her, but then, on the first day of school(which is the present time for the first episode), he wants her back. Nina has a new boyfriend, EJ, who she met from theatre summer camp, and she also doesn’t want to get back with Ricky because he broke her heart. Understandable because Nicky sounds kind of like a major jerk (just like the majority of guys from my high school).

Ricky hears Nina is trying out for High School Musical the Musical, and since he wants to win his girl back, he tries out as Troy, even though he hates musical theatre. Nina tries out for Gabriella, and EJ tries out for Troy as well. Gina, who is a transfer student, tries out for Gabriella. As you can probably predict, Nina gets the role of Gabriella, Ricky gets the role of Troy, EJ gets the role of Chad, and Gina gets the role of Taylor. I am not going to go over the plot of every single episode because I think you get the point of the show. Pretty much, the other episodes deal with high school drama and relationships and getting ready for the musical. At the end of the show, they finally put on the musical, and Ricky and Nina get back together.

The Good

First, of all, the soundtrack was amazing. The actors and actresses really could sing, and it was impressive. I really enjoyed the singing in the show. 10 out of 10 for sure on that part. I also think that they picked good people to play the roles(for the most part, but I will talk about that later). I definitely felt some High School Musical vibes during the show, and that is a good thing, of course.


The Bad

Where do I begin about what irritated me about this show? I am going to start with my, hands down, least favorite character, Miss Jenn. She is the director of the musical, and I really can´t think of a time that a character from a TV show annoyed me this much. I know that directors for musical theatre are usually supposed to be optimistic and outgoing, but this lady drove me insane. Literally everything about her.

I know that is just a TV show, and of course, they are going to have some drama, but what they did with EJ was too far, at least in my opinion. EJ gets on his girlfriend´s, Nina´s, phone, listens to the voice-message from Ricky, and then, deletes it and plans not to tell her. Of course, she ends up finding out, but this just made me really upset. I know that it is just a TV show, but they never addressed that it was manipulative, controlling behavior. Since I know younger kids are watching, it could send out the wrong message. That type of behavior should never be considered okay, no matter how you feel about someone. It made it seem like EJ learned his lesson and would never do something like that again, but no, this is usually not the case with these behaviors. It is a pattern, and these people rarely change THAT easily. Nina does get mad at him, but I feel like if I they want to bring this in the plot, they need to address it better.
High School Musical: The Series: 10 cast members you might recognize

Another thing that I feel like that they could have done better is work more about making the characters way less surface-level. It was not deep at all, and for Ricky, the only ¨deep,¨ he got was that he finds out his parents are getting divorce. Yes, that is a serious thing that actually happens to people, but they needed to go deeper than the old, ¨let’s make one of the characters´ parents get a divorce.¨ Also, I think it would have been interesting to see if there was a reason why Ricky shut Nina out when she told him she loved him, something in his past that makes him shut people out, but no, they did not address that. Surface-level characters are not that interesting. The show is just mostly stereotypes. The guy trying to win back the girl. The girl trying to find happiness outside of the guy. The nerdy best friend. The controlling, jocky boyfriend. I could go on…

High School Musical' Series Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot ...

I know that this show was not intended for me and its audience was mostly elementary kids and middle schoolers, but I feel like they could have made this show so much better in so many areas. I did get somewhat High School Musical vibes, and it was a cute show, overall, but they could have made the show 10 times better. Disney has the ability to make amazing things,so why go on this level when you can reach the best? I heard that they are going to make a second season, and I don´t know if that could make it better or worse…

What are your thoughts on High School:the Musical:the Series? Am I am being too much of a critic, or could Disney have done better?

What I learned from watching Vampire Diaries

Ok, I will admit that I never planned to be gone from the blogging world for over a year. Last year was crazy for me in between all the traveling and starting my junior year.Of course, I did have free time, but I either did not feel like blogging or totally forgot about my blog. I have been a blogger for over five years, so you would think I have gotten the hang of it, but no. Anyway, I am back from a very long break from blogging, and I have to say that I really miss blogging. Last time, I posted a blog post, I wrote about the first couple of days of my Disney World trip in March 2019. I plan on going back to my trip report, but I am going to something a little different for today´s post. I haven´t written a non-Dinsey blog post on this blog for years, so I am not sure how this is going to go.

About a month ago, I finished, The Vampire Diaries, on Netflix. I have never been a huge fan of supernatural shows or the Twilight movies (They are trash, if I am being honest), but this show definitely surprised me. From the start, I was hooked on it. I am not going to go too much into the plot, but pretty much the Vampire Diaries is about Elena Gilbert, who is a human, and she meets Stefan and Damon, who are vampire brothers. She falls in love with Stefan, but she also ends up getting feelings for Damon. Stefan is considered the ¨good¨ vampire, while Damon is considered the ¨bad¨ vampire. It may sound a lot like Twilight, but honestly,besides a teenage girl following in love with a vampire and a love triangle, the two have nothing to do with each other. Damon and Stefan are drawn to Elena because she looks exactly like Katherine, a vampire they were in love with hundreds of years ago when they were humans. Kinda creepy, but they both realize she is nothing like Katherine. The plot goes beyond there. Vampire Diaries deals with witches, werewolves, hybrids(vampire-werewolves), doppelgangers, originals, and sirens. There is so much going on with this show, and a new conflict every season. Even though it is focused on the supernatural, there are so many lessons that the viewers can learn through the characters during the eight seasons. Here are some of those things(There will be some spoilers if you haven’t watched the show):

Love has the power to change people. After Stefan and Elena break up, Damon and Elena eventually end up together, and it was clear that Elena made Damon a better person. Not only did she impact him so much, but his love for her made him want to do better in life, to be a better man. At the beginning of the show, Damon was lost and hurting, but at the end, he had truly found his happiness and healing through Elena.

Vampire Diaries Postmortem: Did Elena Die? Plus: Nina Dobrev on ...

Family is everything. Damon and Stefan had countless fights during the show, but it was clear how much they loved each other. They would do anything for the other, even die. That is exactly what happened in the series finale. Each brother was willing and planning to die for the other, and Stefan sadly ends up sacrificing himself, not only saving Damon but the entire town.

Vampire Diaries: 5 Times Damon Was The Superior Salvatore (& 5 ...

Everyone has a past that they aren’t proud of, but we can learn from it and become better people. Damon was a complex character, and he did some terrible things, so did Stefan, Elena, and many other characters in the show. Even though they realized that some of the things they did were wrong, they took from it and came out better people.

Sometimes, you have to put your needs first. There is nothing wrong with being selfless, but there gets to be a point where if you are never taking care of yourself, it is not good for you. This was the case with Bonnie, a witch. The vampires where always wanting her to do things for them, and she never took care of herself. She was constantly saving the day, and while that is not a bad thing, she just was letting others push her around. She never did anything for her. During much of the show, Bonnie let others push her around, but by the end of the show, she learned how to sometimes put herself first, and she became so strong.

There is a good and a bad side to everyone. Klaus is one of the most evil characters on the show, but there was another side to him. During his life, he had gone through so much hurt and rejection. Klaus wanted to be accepted, and he wanted to feel like he belonged. I am not saying that gave him an excuse to go crazy and do awful things, but I am just saying that some people might just look at the surface level. We often just see the surface levels of people, and we don´t get to know what their story is. I also saw some goodness in him whenever he was with Caroline. He truly loved her and wanted the best for her.

The Vampire Diaries: 5 Reasons Why Caroline Should Have Been With ...

I absolutely love The Vampire Diaries, and it is definitely one of my favorite shows. I have to admit that Damon plays a big part in me loving the show so much because he has a hilarious personality and is very good-looking, but overall, it is an amazing show, and I one-hundred percent recommend it(as long as you can handle some gore and violence sometimes). The plot always has something interesting going on, the characters are awesome, and it teaches some very valuable lessons. Right now, I am currently watching The Originals, which is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. If you have seen The Vampire Diaries, I would love to talk about it with you in the comments.

Before I end this post, I just want to say that I am not sure where I want my blog to go right now. I will definitely keep some Disney in my blog, but I am not sure that I want to keep it limited to only Disney things. Anyway, thank you for reading, and have a great day! 🙂

Day 1 and 2: March 2019 WDW Trip!

I just got back from another vacation at Walt Disney World! Of course I miss Disney already, and I can’t wait to go back! One thing that helps me with my “Disney blues” is writing about my time at Disney…

Day 1:

Our flight was at 10:50, so we woke up 7:30 to get ready to leave for the airport. We left at 8:30 for the thirty minute drive to the airport. We got our bags checked, and then quickly went through security. I got some coffee at Starbucks, and then we waited a little to board our flight. The plane landed around 12:50. From there, we went to get on the Magical Express. We got to Coronado Springs Resort at 2:30. My dad had already checked it on the My Disney Experience App, so we were all good to go. First thing we did was buy our refillable mugs for the trip(We were on the dining plan for this trip). I got some caramel ice cream at Cafe Rix and ate the ice cream outside. After that, we made our way to our room. The room was really nice, especially the shower.

A little while later, we decided to go to the Polynesian for dinner. Going from resort to resort when you are staying on Disney property can be tricky if you did not rent a car. We missed the Magic Kingdom bus, so we got on a bus to Epcot. From Epcot, we took a monorail to Magic Kingdom’s ticket and transportation center, and then walked the short walk to the Polynesian. We went to Captain Cooks for dinner, and I got the pork nachos, which I definitely recommend!

We ate our dinner at a table outside. We sat there for awhile, and it was really nice. After dinner, I went to get a Dole Whip at Pineapple Lanai. It was only my second time getting a Dole Whip, and I have realized I’m not really a fan of Dole Whips. Then, we went to look around at the merchandise shop upstairs and got on a monorail to Magic Kingdom, so we could take a bus back to our resort.

When we got back at 7ish, our luggage was finally there, and we decided to go swimming at the main pool. The water slide was really fun! We swam for about 20 minutes before the pool closed. Then, we went back to our room to get some sleep because we planned to get up early for extra magic hours at Hollywood Studios.

Day 2

The plan was to wake up at 6:30, but I snoozed my alarm and fell back to sleep. The time spring forward this day, so it really felt like it was 5:30 when my alarm went off at 6:30. I woke up at 7:40 and realized I slept in more than I wanted to because extra magic hours started at eight. I quickly got dressed and got on a bus to Hollywood Studios with some of my family members. We really wanted to be able to ride Slinky Dog during extra magic hours because we could not find a FastPass but because we slept in, the line was really long by the time we got there at 8:30 or 8:40. We hardly got any extra magic hours because the park opened to everyone at nine, but it was still fun. We headed to Star Tours and got on pretty quickly.

By the time we got off, extra magic hours were over. Then, we headed to Rock n Rollercoaster for our FastPass. After that, we went to get a Mickey ice cream bar even though it was still morning. We headed toward Toy Story Land to look around. It was so busy! My dad ordered some lunch on the My Disney Experience app, and then, we went to Toy Story Mania for our FastPass.

We went to Backlot Express for lunch, and all we had to do to was click on a button on the my Disney Experience app, and we could pick up our food. It saves so much time because you can skip the lines!

We got on a bus back to our resort and went to the main pool. The pool is awesome, and we had a lot of fun at the pool! We spent a few hours at the pool, and then got ready for our eight o’clock reservation at Whispering Canon at Wilderness Lodge.

We took a bus to Magic Kingdom, and then got on a boat to Wilderness Lodge. The boat ride was so pretty! I had never been to Wilderness Lodge, so it was such a fun experience. Dinner was good, and it was a really fun restaurant to eat at. The server was really funny, and she did not disappoint in giving us “attitude.” It took us awhile to get back to our resort, so it was late when we got back.

Dining Reservations: March 2019!

Wow, once again, I didn’t mean to go MIA from my blog, but life happens. This week I have final exams, and then, I’m off to Disney World for six days! I don’t even know how I’m making time to write this, but I’m just going to go with it. Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite things, dining reservations! We are trying many restaurants we haven’t tried before, so I’m excited!

Hollywood and Vine: This is a character buffet in Hollywood Studios. I think you can meet Minnie Mouse and friends. I don’t know much about this restaurant, but it looks fun!


•Whispering Canon: We have a dinner reservation for this, and it’s at Wilderness Lodge. I have never been to Wilderness Lodge, so I’m excited. The food looks really good here, and I have heard that the server give you attitude, and they are supposed to be funny.

•Ohana: While this is definitely not my first time eating here, it’s one of my favorite places to eat.

**this photo belongs to me

•Be Our Guest: We have this for lunch, and I always love eating here.

•Skipper Canteen: I don’t know much about the food here, but I think it will be good.


•Ohana (Breakfast): We have never eaten breakfast at Ohana, so we decided to make a reservation. It’s a character breakfast with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch.

I can’t wait to eat at these places, and I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m really excited to blog all about my trip when I return!

Have a magical day!


Important Things Happening for Disney- 2019

Hello, Disney lovers! I can’t believe it is 2019 already because 2018 went by so fast! I’m sorry I have hardly blogged these last few months, but life has just been really busy. There are several awesome Disney movies coming to theaters this year and great things coming to the Disney Parks!


• Captain Marvel(March 8)

This movie is coming to theaters International Women’s Day, and it’s a female-led superhero film. I’m not that into Marvel movies, but I like the concept of this one.

• Dumbo(March 29)

Dumbo has never been my favorite. It looks cute, but it is probably not something I will see in theaters.

• Avengers Endgame(April 26)

Last year, I saw Avengers Infinity War in theaters, and it surprised me because I really liked it! Like I said before, I’m not that into Marvel movies, but Infinity War was good, so I think I will like the new Avengers movie.

• Aladdin(May 24)

I know a lot of Disney fans have a lot of mixed feelings about live-action movies, but I usually enjoy them. Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies, and I can’t wait to see how they do it as a live-action version!

• Toy Story 4(June 21)

I didn’t like Toy Story 3 because of the ending, so it doesn’t give me too much hope for this movie. I’m hoping they will redeem themselves through this movie.

Spider-Man: Far from Home (July 5)

I have not seen the first Spider-Man Homecoming yet, but I want to watch it before this movie comes out.

The Lion King(July 19)

I love Lion King, so I am really looking forward to this movie!

• Frozen 2(November 22)

Personally, I think Disney should have left Frozen the way they ended the first one. It was a great movie, and I don’t think they should add to it. I still think it will be good, but they should have just left it the way it was.

• Stars Wars 9(December 20)

I am really excited about this movie! Although I am sad about none of the original characters being in it, I know it is going to be great.

Disney Parks

Stars Wars: Galaxy’s Edge(WDW and Disneyland)

The Star Wars land is opening during the summer at Disneyland Park and during the fall at Hollywood Studios in Disney World. I’m really excited about this new land!

• Disney Skyliner(WDW)

I think this is such a cool idea. It is going to connect Hollywood Studios and Epcot to certain Disney resorts(Art of Animation, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach, and Riviera Resort). It is opening in the fall.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad( WDW)

This attraction is opening at Hollywood Studios sometime during the year. If you didn’t know, it is the replacement for the Great Movie Ride. The Great Movie Ride was one of my favorite rides, so I’m not too excited for this attraction.

Have a magical day!


I’m Back and Going to Disney Again…

Hello, Disney lovers! I didn’t mean to take such a long break from blogging, but I’m finally back! I wasn’t planning to take a break, but it just happened. These past few months have been stressful, and I’m almost halfway through the school year, which is crazy. I am sorry that I have been gone for so long, but I am hoping to start blogging more!

I haven’t mentioned it much on my blog, but I’m going back to Disney World in March(*shocker*)! We are going to stay on Disney property this time, and I’m so excited! This will be my second time staying on property. We will be staying at Coronado Springs, and it looks like a really nice resort! We will be staying for five nights and six days.


We will be doing the Disney Dining Plan for the first time. We made our dining reservations in September and got some really awesome dining reservations! I cannot wait to see Toy Story Land, and I think it will be so much fun! We can make FastPasses in January, so hopefully, we can get some good FastPasses.

I am so excited to go to Disney World and stay on Disney property again! I am planning on doing some more posts about my next trip, so I might do a series like I did before my March 2018 trip. I am sorry it was such a short post, but thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a a great Thanksgiving!

Have a magical day!


First Impressions: Toy Story Land

Hello, Disney lovers! The first two Toy Story movies are definitely some of my favorite Pixar movies, so I was really excited when I heard Disney World would be opening a Toy Story themed-land in Hollywood Studios! Since Toy Story Land just opened not too long ago, I’m going to be doing a first impressions for this new land.

The Attractions

There are three attractions in Toy Story Land.

Slinky Dog Dash

From what I can tell, it’s definitely more of a kiddie rollercoaster, but it still looks really fun! I saw a YouTube video of TheTimTracker visiting Toy Story Land for the first time, and he recorded it while on the ride. It actually looks pretty great for a kiddie rollercoaster.

Picture from Disney Parks

Alien Swirling Saucers

I am not a fan of spinning rides, and I would probably get sick if I rode this. It looks really cool for little kids, but this attraction is definitely not for me.

Picture from insider

Toy Story Mania

Obviously, this isn’t a new attraction, but I heard they have a new entrance for Toy Story Mania. I’m assuming they have a new queue as well, but I’m not sure.


Woody’s Lunch Box: This restaurant is a walk-up window restaurant that serves all three meals. When I looked on the menu online, not many things seemed that good to me. There are quite a few alcoholic beverages to choose from. You can look at the menu of the restaurant HERE. There is only one restaurant total in this land, and it looks like a disappointment. I think it would have been awesome if they rebuilt Pizza Planet and put it in Toy Story Land(R.I.P. to Pizza Planet).

The Land Itself

This land looks really cool from the pictures that I have seen and the vlog I watched! At night time, they have these colorful lights, and it looks awesome! I think Disney did a really great job, and it looks like Toy Story came to life!

Both pictures are from disneytouristblog

I cannot wait to go to Toy Story Land in March for the first time! It looks really fun! What do you think of this new land in Hollywood Studios?

Have a magical day!


Disney Obsession Tag

Hello, Disney friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! I know I have done a lot of tags in this past on this blog, but this tag that I found looks really fun!

1. When was your first Disney trip? I think the year was 2004 or 2003. It was at Disney World. Obviously, I remember none of it, but I like to think that is where my love of Disney began.

2. Which Park is a must-do for every trip? If I could only go to one Park during a trip, it would definitely be Magic Kingdom. It has always been my favorite Park, and I feel like you can’t go to Disney World without going to Magic Kingdom.

3. What are three Park essentials you cannot go without? Minnie Mouse ears, sunglasses, and a comfortable pair of shoes.

4. What is your dream Disney vacation? My dream Disney vacation would be to stay at the Polynesian Resort. I know it is really expensive to stay there, but I would LOVE to stay there someday!

5. Which Disney princess do you feel like you can relate to most? Why? I feel like Belle is the Disney princess that I can relate to the most. I have always wanted adventure, I live in a small, boring town, and I try to see the good in people. Also, Belle is a very determined person and so am I.

6. What is your favorite Disney quote? My favorite Disney quote is “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney had nothing, but he still had the courage to go after his dreams. He knew he could have the possibility of failing. Despite that, he worked for his dreams, and they came true. This quote is inspiration for me to do the same.

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